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Thank you for allowing us a year off from the cooking school to finch our second cookbook.
The second cookbook is done and has been published and is available on Amazon. 

The cooking school is now reopened.

See our school schedules.

Classes are limited to three students to allow for focused training and individual attention. If you and two friends want to attend a class we will schedule to meet your needs. Minimum class size is two (and yes, we will design a romantic cooking class just for you and that special person in your life).

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We are proud to announce the publication of the second Lakes Region Culinary Institute cookbook !

“Eat Well and Stay Healthy” will be available on Amazon.

Our first and second cookbooks are a collection of recipes created and taught in the kitchen of the Lakes Region Culinary Institute. The recipes, used in the institute’s cooking school, are filled with influences from Europe, especially the Mediterranean region. The Institute is located in the southern foothills of the White Mountains in New Hampshire which has a large and vibrant Canadian French derived population, and many of the local White Mountain recipes demonstrate the wonderful influence of the French ancestors of today’s northern New Hampshire people. In our second cookbook, “Eat Well and Stay Healthy”we offer a large collection of low-glycemic and low saturated fat recipes .

All of our cookbooks are available on www.Amazon.com

We have also have a  course for men who struggle in the kitchen, as well as, courses in French, Italian and Spanish cuisine.

See our Classes webpage for the details of all the courses, schedule and  fee structure.

Gift Certificates are available for all classes.

 Each year the fall term begins October 1. See you then.

Accommodations for students can be found by clicking here.


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